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Three examples

Nick worked with a major bank to plan three large projects, and with a police force to prepare three, interdependent projects in an important programme.

Then he helped a power company set up a project to get efficiency gains in the running of power stations.

We’re not experts in banking, power stations or policing. However we do understand projects, planning, effective control and establishing really good project governance!

Hands-on project work combined, where needed, with teaching on really powerful techniques work together to power your projects forward.

Inspirandum workshops can prove to be a very significant cost saving. If you get the project moving more quickly, you get the benefits faster - and they can be considerable. One of our clients had a project that is now saving £12 million a year. For every day earlier on delivery, that was a £50,000 gain. Your project may not be that big, or maybe it’s even bigger, but either way you need the benefits on stream as soon as possible and minimise your costs with a shorter project.

Contact us today to talk about your requirements and get your projects moving.

We can run a workshop on just about any aspect of your project such as:

- Kick-off

To sketch out a project and produce the Outline Charter or Project Brief

- Project planning

To produce product, activity and resource plans for your project.

- Risk analysis

To identify project risk, then start to plan the risk management actions

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