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privacy policy

At Inspirandum we work very had to deliver outstanding service to customers both in the UK, our home base, and around the worrld.As a small company we are particularly focused on our customers and value their businesses individually - not as an account. As part of that customer focus, we recognise the great importance of privacy. This policy is to explain the practices of Inspirandum Ltd regarding personal information and our web site and also, where enquiries and bookings are made, for our training, publications and consultancy services.

Please read this policy carefully before submitting personal information to us.

Our web site

We do not collect any personal information from a visit to our web site, unless you have chosen to completed our contacts page in order to get in touch. Our web service provider does include a statistical service offering information such as the number of visits to different web pages and time spent on each, but this is global statistical information and does not contain personal details. We do not make use of cookies on our web site to gather personal or any other data.

Our contact form obviously does contain personal information but this is provided voluntarily by those completing it so that we can answer an enquiry or make a booking. This information is submitted to us from the web page in the form of an email.

Personal information we collect for enquires, sales and events

We collect personal information in order to answer your enquiries and for sales. This personal information may include your name, organisation, contact address, phone number, billing address and email address.

For those who buy from us we record information on the transaction and payment, usually in the form of an invoice with name, address and purchase details along with payment details of the amount and date. These records are retained within our accounts system.

We also hold details of those attending our training and other events. The information is of each person’s name, organisation, postal address, email address, phone number and exams results if exams were included in the event.  However we don’t always collect all of that detail.

We also maintain a mailing list of those attending our events so we can provide information on our services, but this is only after obtaining specific permission from each individual; we never add the name of any delegate to a mailing list as a matter of routine. We also use commercial mailing lists from time to time for sending out business information. We have an unsubscribe mechanism for all bulk mailings so any who do not wish to receive any further information can be removed from the lists.

We never sell-on contact information to other organisations and indeed we don’t pass on any details to other organisations (for example to a course provider who offers a training event that we don’t) without your specific permission to do so.

Data protection

Our use of all data, electronic and physical, is officially registered with the Data Protection Registrar in the UK.