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Practical Project Management

Our ‘flagship course’, this event is thorough and extremely practical in order to properly equip project managers and other project staff.  It covers hard skills such as planning and control, and soft skills such as leadership and teamwork.

Too many project courses are focused solely on exams and learning the ‘right answers’ to known exam questions. But whether staff attend exam training or not, they still need to know the solid practicality needed to deliver your organisation’s projects successfully and reliably - and that’s exactly what this course is all about.

It’s very hands-on with more than 50% of the course being practical work so those attending can immediately try out what they are learning.  We can also use your live projects as case study, adding even more value.

The course is five days, including a final half-day workshop working on your own live projects or explaining something additional like your own site approach  But if it is difficult to get staff out of the office for that length of time, it can be delivered in a module of two days, then of three days on consecutive weeks.

    What people say about training from  Nick Graham and Inspirandum

“Presentation by instructor was superb. A brilliantly
effective mix.”