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Amazon Review

Not to be confused with the US edition, this UK edition only has minor parts from its US counterpart. The UK edition is focused on those who are new to project management or, who have been doing it for a while but know that they have a few gaps in their knowledge to fill in.

In line with the ‘For Dummies’ approach, the style is informal so the book is an easy read.  It is nevertheless comprehensive and covers the full range of PM topics from planning to effective teams.

This UK edition also explains the very powerful ‘product based’ or ‘product led’ approach to planning.  If you are new to this then you should find the book helpful as you get to grips with the technique which is not intuitive, but highly logical and enormously powerful.  Nick used to say that he thought he had finally understood just how powerful product-led planning is, but he stopped saying it because those he had taught it to started to come up with new uses of it that he had never seen!

Project Management
for Dummies

Amazon Review
The perfect beginners guide

This book covers all the basic bases and helps to give a helpful insight into Project Management as a field of interest. Unlike boring, monotone textbooks that just blurb our facts, this book is more conversational, interesting and has some great examples for you to engage with. Unlike other textbooks where it is easy to get distracted, this book (if you are interested in project management) will help educate you but also keep your attention.