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Many managers are put onto Project Boards (or steering committees) either willingly or unwillingly, yet have no real idea of their roles and key responsibilities.

Members of the boards often don’t understand how to get the board working well, let alone the project, and think of themselves as some figurehead, there to ask the Project Manager a few tough questions during the project and perhaps take the credit for it at the end - but only if it is successful.

The reality is that Project Boards are a vital part of the management and governance of a project. In most failed project, you will see that the problems started in the board. It’s also unfair - and rightly unacceptable in general management - for top managers to leave more junior people in the lurch with no support and then blame them if things go wrong

This powerful book is to help Project Board members get things right, and so make a powerful contribution to project success and help avoid failure.

The Project Board



1. Welcome to the world of projects

2. About the Project Board

3. A closer look at the board and its responsibilities

4. A bit more about Project Audit

5. Project Board Controls

6. Project Kick-off

7. The Planning Stage

8. During a Delivery Stage

9. End Stage and the Stage Gate

10. Project Closure and review