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Passing the PRINCE2®
 Exams for Dummies

Unlike PRINCE2 for Dummies, this book is focused entirely on the PRINCE2 exams – both Foundation and Practitioner.  It is to help you test your knowledge, not to help you understand the method in the first place.  If you need something to help you understand, have a look at PRINCE2 for Dummies.

This book includes revision lists and highlights those things where you are more likely to have misunderstood.  Unlike some other exam books for PRINCE2, this one doesn’t just reproduce the free sample papers that you can get anyway.  Instead the test questions are written specially for the book.  They cover the full content of the method, but also pick up on exam technique points to help you pass.

In this book the questions are grouped in subject order, not randomly like the exam papers.  You can test your knowledge as you revise each area.  You’ll also find helpful chapters on exam technique.

Amazon Review
Great Prep for P2 Practitioner

I used this as a revision tool prior to taking the P2 Practitioner. I found the content was well laid out and supported the P2 manual well. The quizzes really helped prepare me for the exam and the timings set for each test at the end of each chapter helped me get the right pace for the practitioner exam. Get this and 'P2 for Dummies' ahead of the P2 course and I can guarantee you will have a much better chance of passing the P2 Practitioner Exam.

NOTE: This book is based on an earlier version of PRINCE2 than the current one. For exam detail, check the new manual.