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 for Dummies


Most manuals are hard to read.  They are written in a strange language where you read something three times and often still don’t understand it.  If you are learning PRINCE2®, you will find this book a real help because it isn’t constrained by the need to be ‘technical’.  Rather it is coming from the perspective of being helpful.  It comes out of many years PRINCE® and PRINCE2 training experience where Nick knows exactly what people have difficulty with and exactly what explanations help them to understand.

This book is not a replacement for the official manual, but it is great to use alongside it to help you understand both the content and the logic of the method.  It’s also full of really practical help so that you can make the method work, and work well, on your projects.  The latest edition of the manual has unfortunately dropped even the limited ‘hints and tips’ panels that were so helpful up to that point.

Amazon Review
Its a winner

My company has taken on Prince 2 training big time for most of the staff. having no project management experience I was booked on the foundation course so I bought a copy of this book. Its the best thing I did and helped me a lot. The actual Prince2 manual is more like a reference book where as the Dummies guide talks you through the process's in a more informal way. My advice is if you are going on the foundation or practitioners course then get this book.

NOTE: This book is based on an earlier version of PRINCE2 than the current one. For exam detail, check the new manual.