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Having a Project Board functioning well and supportively is a vital component in project success.  This important event explains the working of the Project Board (you may know it as a Project Steering Group or Committee) and the roles within that group.

It is hard-hitting with some tough messages, and that’s because a lot of project problems start with the Project Board not doing it’s job properly. But it’s also friendly, positive and very ‘feet-on-the-floor’ practical to help you really succeed. And in fact the tough messages are not there in order to make managers uncomfortable, but rather as part of the focus on achieving success.

The event covers the chronology from project kick-off through to closure and evaluation. It can be extended to two days where board members are unfamiliar with the important planning and control techniques used in projects such as Critical Path Method and the very powerful Product Based Planning. It’s vital that board members understand these in order to interpret and approve plans.

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What people say about training from  Nick Graham and Inspirandum

“The course is brilliant and practical. It makes project management come alive.

Project finance specialist - major London authority