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Project Management
Checklists for Dummies

Some project managers seem to be very opposed to checklists or anything resembling them (such as project methods).  They seem to think that using them suggests a lack of knowledge, experience or professionalism, or all three.   But they don’t think any the less of commercial aircraft pilots for using them. In fact it’s quite the reverse and everyone would be more than worried if they didn’t.

Checklists are a mark of professionalism and care, and that’s true of using the lists in this book. It is unprofessional to run the risk of missing things and hitting avoidable problems in the project.

This is a book of checklists for Project Managers. They will help you make sure that you have thought of everything that you need to, and will save you a lot of time on your projects.  It is forgetting important things that wastes time and threatens the project, not remembering them.

Amazon Review
Fantastic read - everything you need for a successful project!

This is an absolutely fantastic book - short and compact (will easily fit inside your briefcase when away on consulting engagements) and yet contains everything you need to successfully run a project. It's checklists act as trigger lists to make sure you've forgotten nothing at all (as so often happens in poorly run projects).