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about us


Inspirandum is a small company specialising in highly effective project governance and project management. The company is built around the work of Nick Graham. Nick is an experienced project manager and trainer.  He is focused on practical project approaches and techniques that work well.

What is overwhelmingly important is delivering projects successfully. Far too many exam-qualified ‘practitioners’ have only learned theory, form-filling and exam questions, not the really practical and powerful techniques for planning, controlling and delivering projects. In contrast, Inspirandum is all about equipping project and organisational managers to do the job, and do it with understanding, intelligence and confidence.

Nick is a member of the Association for Project Management (MAPM).  He is the author of five project management titles in the well-known ‘For Dummies' series published by John Wiley and Sons. That includes the best-selling ‘Project Management for Dummies’.

About our training and workshops

As well as having project qualifications, Nick also holds two teaching qualifications.  In his education studies he specialised in the psychology of education and curriculum studies. Both  have proved of immense value when building high impact courses where those attending can understand and learn no matter what their learning style, and including where English is a second language. Those attending Nick’s courses have described his style as …

 energetic, fun, very lively and very informative.

About our consultancy

Nick’s consultancy service is fast and practical. It is not our objective to ‘sell-in’ extra days, but rather to help you with governance, standards, projects and project problems quickly and cost-effectively. The help is friendly and practical as well as being straight-talking and, where necessary, challenging.

Over the years Nick has trained staff from many well-known organisations including …

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